Adora Playtime Baby Petal Pink

Adora Playtime Baby Petal Pink

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Perfect first baby doll in Petal Pink
Adora PlayTime™ babies are handmade with care and made to be loved.

They are the perfect “1st” baby doll weighing just about 340 grams. You will adore the life-like features from their little button noses. . . to their tiny little hands and feet on these 33 cm baby dolls!

Each handmade doll is created in our exclusive, lightly baby powder scented, Gentle Touch™ vinyl. Adora Playtime™ babies also have a cuddly silky-smooth body that reminds us of the beloved trim on a child’s favourite baby blankie!

PlayTime Baby Petal Pink is perfect for cuddling with a bean bag weighted bottom which gives them their life-like feel. Perfect for ages 1+